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This is another tshirt design, perfect for Valentine's Day. I am fascinated by angels and demons. What is the difference really? Of course, traditionally, one is good and the other is evil, but the truth is, when one observes the "real world", one can't help but see that there is no "black and white" distinction between good and evil. There is only a great gray area. No, I believe the world is more defined by "Love" and "Fear". This beautiful pair are definitely on the Love side, despite their opposite appearances, the shallow casings of their origins. By the rules of the universe in which my stories take place, this image represents a male-oriented demon, a spirit that has never been an angel, that took his form directly from human belief only a couple thousand years ago. And the angel, who envisions herself more like a woman, has the wings of the newly-fallen, turning gradually from white to black. They have met in the middle of the opposing sides of "Heaven" and "Hell", she taking her fall, he rising above and resisting the leeching demon ways. They have sacrificed security and the acceptance of their fellows for the sake of their love, but they have no regrets. It was worth any pain, any loss, for the connection to each other that they have gained.


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