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South Carolina Browncoat
brown flag, brown flag w/ words, navy flag, navy flag w/ words, striped flag, striped flag w/ words, tree design

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Pos-Emo ( Zazzle / Cafe Press / Printfection / Spreadshirt ): I find that I really like the look of the style referred to as "emo", but the idea behind it seems to be sadness and low self-esteem. From what I understand (and do correct me if I'm wrong), the idea is that the world is screwed up and one should just give up and do nothing about it. I disagree with that philosophy. Therefore I created a compromise: if the term is short for "emotional" then there are positive emotions as well as negative: Joy, Knowledge, Empowerment, Freedom, Love, Appreciation, Passion, etc. (If you're not familiar with Esther & Jerry Hicks and the teachings of the spirit Abraham, go look 'em up). So Positve + Emotion = Pos-Emo. I just love the little happy emo chibis!

Tequila ( Cafe Press / Printfection / E-Shirt ) : a thought that came to me that was too true not to be on a tshirt: Life's Too Short To Drink Cheap Tequila!

Multi-Type Chick ( CafePress / Printfection / E-Shirt ): an idea that is again mostly for myself. I do not actually align myself with any particular movement, but I've noticed certain elements out of these particular groups have worked their way into my personal style (in terms of clothing mostly but also philosophy in some ways). It's about just being totally me and not giving a damn how anyone labels me.
Multi-Type DUDE now available! CafePress

South Carolina Browncoat
brown flag, brown flag w/ words, navy flag, navy flag w/ words, striped flag, striped flag w/ words, tree design: As a fan of Firefly / Serenity, I am a member of several online groups, one of which is the Carolina Browncoats. But since they are centered in Charlotte, NC, the image they display on the group site is based on the design of the North Carolina flag. So, inspired by their fun idea, as well as the popular South Carolina palmetto stickers that appear on cars and trucks all over the state, I created several flags combining the SC flag and browncoat Independent emblem worn by Mal Reynolds and Zoe during the war against the Alliance. Some of the t-shirt designs even combine the tagline from the show with the S.C. militia motto: "You can't take the sky from me, so don't tread on me!"

Registered ( CafePress / Zazzle ): just something I thought would be cute since my name starts with R. I had fun playing around with photoshop filters to make it into something like a three-dimensional stamp in metal. Then later when CafePress started the option of using dark colored shirts, I played about with the transparency and came up with something that would let the color show through, as if it was actually stamped onto the shirt.

Be Witched: just a fun idea that I used for a Halloween costume as a goth witch. I had fun slashing up the shirt to make it more grunge.

Werewolf Bitch: another Halloween and beyond idea

Lexcessive: an idea sprung from my fascination with the Lex Luthor character in the Smallville TV series. The picture behind the text is a yin-yang, representing the way this version of Lex is more balanced in his good or evil tendencies, and therefore more realistic and interesting as a character.

Real Chicks: the logo I created to go with my designs such as the Multi-chick and werewolf bitch before I bought a full premium site at CafePress. I really intended the Real Chicks shop to be a place where women could find stuff that is usually associated with "mens" shirt designs, like heavy metal rock, dragons, flames, etc., but it seems most of my design ideas did not really go in that direction. That and I don't want to alienate the guys who like my designs, of course. I'm an equal opportunity non-conformist here!

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