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"Writing is almost like putting together a puzzle, only it's more like taking a bunch of old family home movies, photographs, scrapbooks, and a dollhouse, and splicing them together, digitally retouching and altering them, dubbing in celebrity voices, and hand-writing the credits until you've made them into a major motion picture."

I am a writer/artist of various types of speculative fiction but mostly modern fantasy. I have loved magic, and the people and creatures who live with it and use it, all my life, and writing and drawing these people in modern environments makes it all the more real to me. I also like to add an element of Darkness and horror, as well as science fiction, for "flavor". I am fascinated with everything from unicorns and dragons to vampires and demons.

I enjoy reading books and graphic novels, listening to rock music and freestyle dancing, watching good movies, making costumes to wear to the Renaissance Faires and fantasy & science-fiction cons, and occasionally playing a little light D&D with friends. I also have a small collection of fantasy knives and a growing collection of D&D figures I have painted myself.

Currently I am working during the day designing signage at Ad-Craft Signs in Spartanburg, SC, and slaving away over a hot drawing table or computer in the afternoons at home.

I am forever striving to rise above the mundane and surround myself with wonderful people and things, and succeed at this most of the time.



E-mail (preferred):

Cell phone: (864) 580-8191



  • Coming Soon! 1% Solution: ADMIN_Sublime, Issue 1 from TwilightPop Productions, 2012

  • "Winds: NW 20km/hr" (by Stacy Sinclair) illustrations for The Future Fire ezine's Outlaw Bodies specialist anthology, 2012

  • "Whisperer" (by Craig Pay) illustration for Murky Depths issue 17, Sept. 2011

  • "Galatea's Stepchildren" (by Sam S. Kepfield) illustrations and cover art for The Future Fire ezine, June 2009

  • "Suburban Alchemist" (by Rob Sharp) illustrations in The Future Fire ezine, October 2008

  • "Illumination" ink drawings in Ngenesis: The Trials of Flesh role-playing game book by Apocrypha Studios, 2007

  • "Wand & Staff" and "Any Stick Will Do" ink drawings in The Circle Magazine, Fall 2007

  • "Harpy: Goddess of Air" ink drawing in The Circle Magazine, Spring 2007

  • "Salamander: Lord of Fire" ink drawing in The Circle Magazine, Summer 2006

  • "Healing Circle" pencil drawing in The Circle Magazine, Winter 2005

Fiction Writing Publication

  • "the 100th Universe" short story in The O.G.'s Speculative Fiction ezine, March 2011


  • Spartanburg 33rd Annual Juried Exhibition: "Werewolf Sighting"

  • Winthrop Anthology annual literary and visual publication 2003: "to worship the muse of art" poem; 2000: photographs of old door and of stone wall with shadows

  • Winthrop Visual Communications Arts Showcase 2003: Illustration brochure

  • Undergraduate Art Show 2001, 2003: "Sacrifice for Fashion" shoe sculpture and "Ryuu & LeFey" wire sculpture

  • Featured in SC Governor's school of the Arts Traveling Show 1999: untitled charcoal & conte drawing

Awards and Honors

  • Graduation Cum Laude 2005

  • Dean's List: College of Visual and Performing Arts

  • Lewandowski Merit Award 2001: "Sacrifice for Fashion"

  • Winthrop Foundation Scholar

  • Winthrop Art Scholarship 2000

  • SC Governor's School of the Arts Summer Program 1999

References available upon request.


Bachelor's of Fine Art in Visual Communication Design:
Concentration in Illustration, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

Artistic Media Skills

digital art, acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite, pen & ink, colored pencil, monotype, photography, collage, etching, sculpture, jewelry


Mac and PC literate: Photoshop, Illustrator, Manga Studio

Design Experience

AD-Craft Signs, Spartanburg
Designer: design and layout of signs on computer for a variety of purposes and clients, meeting with head designer or clients to discuss needs: banners, vinyl lettering for vehicles and other signs, vinyl or rubber masking for sandblasted signs, painting for sandblasted panels.

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