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Rachel H. White           
Creative and Imaginative Illustration
fantasy/science-fiction art
comics & graphic novels, picture books

Some links to pages associated with me or that I find interesting. Enjoy!

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Favorite artists:
Michael Whelan, Brom, Ruth Thompson, Arthur Rackham, Charles Vess, Howard Pyle, Brian & Wendy Froud

Favorite writers:
Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Tanith Lee, Terry Pratchett, Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Robert Heinlein

Favorite Webcomics: some of these I like mostly for the artwork, some mostly for the story (or the humor), but a few are both
Girl Genius - steampunk comedy adventure
Next Town Over - steampunk drama adventure
reMIND - science fantasy; also very good blog on the making & promotion of webcomics
the Awakened - modern fantasy
- steampunk fantasy comedy
Red Moon Rising
- dystopian action drama
2D Goggles: Lovelace & Babbage - steampunk alternate universe hilarity
Sorcery 101 - urban fantasy comedy/drama
Earthsong - fantasy
Pibgorn - modern fantasy
Looking For Group - epic comedy & parody fantasy
Flaky Pastry - comedy fantasy
Bear Nuts - cartoons with adult humor (anti-Carebears)
the Phoenix Requiem - historical fantasy drama (finished)
Darken - epic comedy fantasy (finished)
Cat Legend - semi-modern fantasy

see also Tomgeeks: webcomics by grrrlz! Or "womyn" if you prefer.


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