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Daughters of Hralln
ink with brush, Photoshop color

Another pair of illustrations for the wonderful The Future Fire ezine. The story is Daughters of Hralln, by C.L. Rossman, an inspired feminist sci-fi piece.

I was a little hesitant about my vision of the Tautschen. I didn't want them to be too "Avatar" in form, but looking back at pictures of the Na'vi I don't think there's that much similarity (and if you read the story there's very little I think)
I will say it was great fun looking up reference pictures for the crater. I don't suppose I really captured the scale of a meteor crater of that magnitude, but with this composition envisioned pretty much from the start, I knew the best I could really do was with the figures in the distance being very small. However I still wanted them visible enough to be distinct as characters. I think it turned out well enough.

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