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The Hotel
pencil, ink & digital ('09)

An upcoming webcomic that is, obviously, still in its early stages. The story is about a young man named Micah who is trapped working in a hotel that has been taken over by a strange force.

Shown here are a drawing of Micah from the first page, a series of thumbnails mapping out ideas for panels in a scene, and a full-page composite of sketches and perspective screenshots from Google SketchUp.
One could call using SketchUp to get correct perspective cheating I suppose, but when drawing a comic, which has hundreds of panels, that is entirely enclosed in an interior space where the rooms need to be consistent from scene to scene, and which is not based on any building existing in reality, I think of it as a much-appreciated tool. It also allows me to look at a scene from several points of view, so I can choose the most interesting perspective to make a better composition without having to do tons of sketches and re-draws.


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