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The Green Fairy
ink with computer color

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This is an image I made to add to my t-shirt shops. She is the green fairy, or la fee verte, associated with absinthe, a drink made with wormwood and anise and various other herbs. I found in my brief research that absinthe was not as dangerous as it's reputation proclaims, and that it is not actually a hallucinogen. In fact, I read that some websites that offer recipes for making your own absinthe include certain substances that were not in the original composition in order to create the hallucinogenic properties it is supposedly renown for. Despite these facts, for my piece I did not hesitate to let the fairy's attitude speak for itself. Perhaps she is drugged, or perhaps she is merely drunk (after all, how much alcohol would it take to drunken a fairy at her size?). I also wanted her to be grungy and strung-out looking, not like the adorable if somewhat mischievous types of fairies that are popular among the fantasy-dabbling masses. You see, I think the "absinthe culture" is a somewhat different audience, one that seeks a darker, more dangerous undertone to their imagery. And so my sexy goth fairy swoons against her glass, teasing those who dare to come nearer, to come into her world of the surreal and the sensual.

I also played around with the transparency of this image. You will notice that on the dark-colored tshirts, the color shows through the green of her wings.
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