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gray elves scout
  gray elves three women

the Gray Elves of the Silver Mantis

These are some characters of my own creation somewhat based on a D&D universe. They are a nomadic tribe of elves that are mix of the bloodlines of surface elves and Drow dark elves. I created some unique rules for their tribe, such as the queen is always dressed in plain clothes while the princess wears fine clothes, so that if they are involved in a battle, the princess acts as a decoy or distraction so the queen can sneak around and stab an adversery in the back. Leadership is not passed on through blood relation (unless the child has merit for it) and decisions in the group are made by vote. The main characters in the images above are (right to left) the captain of the guard, the queen, the head of the archers, the princess and the herald/bard, and in the second image is included the queen's son, one of the scouts. The third image is my own play of the triple goddess, maiden, mother & crone, using the princess, the queen and the senior mage.

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