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Two illustrations for the June 2009 edition of The Future Fire ezine, The story is "Galatea's Stepchildren " by Sam S. Kepfield. This was also chosen for the cover of the issue, thus making it my first official paying illustration job! Hey, $20 ain't much, but it's a start! The editors even liked it so much they made the image a 2-page spread in the PDF version.

I have noticed in myself before a tendancy to avoid backgrounds, but with this one I didn't even think about it. It is the background that tells the story here, not the character herself. I especially like how the city side in the first one turned out.
This is all digital, although I did start with line drawings of the figures and of the circuitry and used reference photos to paint from on the background. And I also did the grayscale versions because the Future Fire produces it's PDF format in all black and white, for printing purposes. In some ways the gray images were harder to compose because the bright reds and greens turned a dull gray when desaturated.


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