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Rachel H. White           
Creative and Imaginative Illustration
fantasy/science-fiction art, graphic novels
children's books, editorial illustration

Goddess of Air

Lord of Fire

Goddess of Wate

Lord of Earth

ink on bristol

This is a series that was intended to be published in Circle Sanctuary Magazine, a quarterly Pagan publication, which is doing a four-issue series about the four directions. The "traditional" four elements are each aligned with one of the directions: Air to East, Fire to South, Water to West, and Earth to North. My aim was to portray fantasy creatures that are well-known enough to be recognizable, but that have not been overdone as much as, say, centaurs and unicorns and such.

The second in the series, "Salamander: Lord of Fire", was published in the Summer 2006 issue of Circle Magazine! Yay!

And the first in the series, "Harpy Goddess of Air", was published in the Spring 2007 issue! Better late than never! Yay!

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