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Burning Sky

This is just a sketch in preparation for finishing an old idea: Just before I took my first official painting class in college, I did some experimenting with my required materials when I had collected them (as my instructor said during that class, "Rachel's not afraid of color!"). I picked up an image I had gotten while listening to the Bad Company song "Burnin' Sky". If you've ever seen "A Claymation Christmas" you might recall the "Joy to the World" sequence where the clay is kind of finger-painted across the screen. Listening to the Bad Co. song, I got an image with that same kind of texture and movement of a goddess-like woman dancing to the music in bright, fiery tones of red, orange, and yellow!
My first attempt at the image, experimenting before my painting class, is not shown here because it's pretty darn bad, but I have always wanted to rework it, and this sketched layout is the first step in that direction.

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