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Black Ocean #4
acrylic on masonite

Finally having scaled the cliffs, the man finds himself in the midst of the WhiteWeres. Smaller than the dragons of the deep, but just as evil, these animal-people constantly taunt and snarl and fight with each other, almost always over nothing but a bit of property here, or a percieved insult there. Some of them are leaders, putting the pack members in their place, while others are weak and afraid, always allowing the others to put them down and control them. So now, having seen the creatures of the light for what they truly are, and seeing how empty and desolate the plateau of the cliff is, he tries to stay out of their way. Sitting alone on the very edge of the dangerous precipice, he looks out over the Black Ocean, remembering, and trying to decide how he really wants to live his life.

Just as there is good in the Darkness, there is potential evil in the Light. People who appear good, fashionable, healthy, law-abiding, happy, and even those with great faith in their religion, can often have a wickedness hiding behind their smiles. And a great many of them don't even know it, are totally unconscious of the way they look down on people they believe, deep in their minds, are beneath them, the way they control people, the way they chain themselves to their beliefs and fool themselves that they're good or happy when inside they are full of hate and fear. Not all people are like this, of course, but many still seek the kinds of wealth, power, and faith that the WhiteWeres of the world have taught us are the ideal life.

Top: currently in progress. Other images: sketches of the man and some of the WhiteWeres, and a digital composite image built in Photoshop for arranging the composition before sketching and painting.

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