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Black Ocean #3
acrylic on masonite

The ocean is not infinite, for there are also the White Cliffs. The man, believing that he must find a way to rise above the darkness, return to light and normalcy, heaves himself up on one of the jagged white rocks, the first step in the long, hard, painful climb back onto the white land. The merwoman floats behind him, her heart breaking as he leaves her, but she does not hold him back, knowing he must travel his own path, whatever he chooses, just as she has chosen her own. She merely places a hand on his leg, at once balancing him in his climb and asking him silently to reconsider, to stay in the gray shallows that she has made her home. But he is too focused on his goal, although he too is pained to leave her, and can't understand why she won't go with him. Of course it will be a hard climb, but it'll be worth it, won't it?

Our culture's fear of Darkness can blind even the wisest people to the Truths that they know in their hearts and in the cores of their souls. We may be struggling to rise above, when we should look around at our surroundings, really look at them with open minds, and see there may be very valuable things we're overlooking in our fight to get the kind of life we have been taught we should have.

Top: currently in progress. Other images: sketches of the figures, and a digital composite image built in Photoshop for arranging the composition before sketching and painting.

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