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Black Ocean #1
acrylic on masonite

The story tells of a young man who has fallen from a normal life into the ocean of Darkness. At first he is drowning, but he is rescued by a beautiful sea-creature, a woman native to the ocean, who breathes life back into him and gives him gills so he can live beneath the water.

Sometimes we lose our way in this world, falling off the beaten path and plunging into uncertainty and difficulty. Some allow themselves to drown in the darkness, unable to cope with the loss of normality. On the other hand there are those who never walked the normal path, and never wanted to, those who find darkness not only natural but pleasant. These often seek out the lost ones, and try to show them that they are not lost at all, but have simply found a new world to live in.

Top: currently in-progress. Other images: final sketch of the figures, and a digital composite image built in Photoshop for arranging the composition before sketching and painting.

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