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the Balancer

This was an idea I started on for the 2009 Wacom "Good vs. Evil" contest on DeviantArt. In working on Sunlight & Shadow I did not get to finish it. It would have been a comic book page or pages:

An epic battle rages between two huge anthropomorphs, one almost handsome and white as ivory, the other an obsidian horror. They banter as they fight, "Give up now, for I shall surely triumph!" "You'll never defeat me!" Buildings crumble as they wrestle across the landscape, their thunderous voices shake the earth.

But then a small figure leaps into the scene. His armour is a mis-matched swirl of black and white, his face half-covered in tattoos of an unknown tribe. Swift and light, he darts between the fighters, and with a few punches, kicks and flicks of his blades, brings the black one to the ground. Defeated, it shows him its throat, and he beheads it.

The white one stands over the body, dancing and shouting victory. It bends down to thank the mysterious little one for his help, about to ask if he wishes to join in a great celebration of Light winning over Darkness.

Blinding fast, the motley ninja spins and jabs both his swords up into the white creature's chest. Its last gasp is one of shock.

Nearby, more figures stir, and now the oddly costumed fighter seems tall compared to them: a woman and child look up. First she looks around at their home, destroyed by the creatures' fight. Then she looks into the eyes of the warrior. There's no glory there, just satisfaction...and expectation.

"You're the Balancer, aren't you?" she says. He says nothing, only sheathes his swords. She asks, "You can't help us find a new home, can you?"

He stares at her. "I would not dare take your own power from you that way." And with that he runs up the sheer face of a wall and is gone across the rooftops.


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