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Rachel H. White           
Creative and Imaginative Illustration
fantasy/science-fiction art
comics & graphic novels, picture books


first concept of Sgt. Sean Daniels

thumbnail sketches

quick thumbnail sketches to determine what images to illustrate for each scene

page layouts

arranging the thumbnails into pages to determine the number of panels

page layout

after the initial structuring of what panels will go on a page, I do at least three different layouts of each page, opening my mind to different ideas or combinations of images or structures

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SketchUp screenshot

When working on the finished pages, I put together SketchUp models to give me accurate perspective and fill in details for my backgrounds. It's an exceptional tool for looking at a scene from different points of view and finding the most dynamic "camera" angle


Storyboard pages 1-22


Working with Scott T. Swartz to produce a graphic novel adapted from his short story.

Pictured here is the process I work through to conceptualize and lay out panels and pages. The first piece was a concept image of one of the main characters that I sent to Scott to show the style I planned to work with. The last item links to a sample storyboard of the first quarter of the book which was included with eight finished pages to be used in selling the novel. I also adapted the comic book script for this project. More to come!

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